WordPress Plugin - Easy Flash Embed

Easy Flash Embed is a WordPress plugin to be utilized if you plan to use our flash clocks on your WordPress blog. The installation and usage is very simple. In 5 minutes, you will have a professional flash clock on your WordPress blog's sidebars, pages and posts.

The main reason to use Easy Flash Embed is because it is easier as this plug-in uses WordPress short-codes instead of html embed tags, which is easier because less code is needed.

Download Easy Flash Embed


(Read the readme.txt file on the zip file)

WordPress Plugin - WP FlashTime Widget

WP FlashTime Widget is a WordPress plugin that was created for bloggers that want to insert any flash clock on their WordPress blogs, without the need to do it the hard way.

Download WP FlashTime Widget


(Read the readme.txt file on the zip file.)

How to Manually Insert a Flash Clock on your WordPress Blog

Using a WordPress plugin to insert our flash clocks on your pages, posts and sidebars is a very simple method. However, you should learn to manually insert a html embed tag on your WordPress blog's sidebar, most exactly on the sidebar.php file of your active template.

How to:

1. Access your ftp server with a ftp client.

3. Go to your active template folder.

4. Download the sidebar.php file to your PC.

5. Open it with notepad to insert this code:

6. If you want to change the clock, change the link.

7. For that, go to Flash Clocks Gallery to choose another flash clock.

Note: You can manually insert anything on your blog sidebar; check our WordPress blog.

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