Request a Custom Flash Clock

If you need a custom flash clock for your web site, blog, forum, presentation, software, iPad or iPhone, Extranet or Intranet, we can do it, in average, in 24 to 48 hours, however it can take more time if you request a complex custom flash clock. We will take care of everything, just contact us.

Free Bonus: If you request a custom flash clock for any website, the website's link will be published on our Facebook page and on the List of Satisfied Clients, and because these pages have both Google Page Rank 5, your website will be very well promoted in Google search engine. This free bonus is worth a lot of money.

Current Prices

Current Prices:

  1 Custom Flash Clock: Between $10 and $50

  1 Custom World Clock: Between $30 and $90

Please contact us to request a custom clock.

Please check the List of Satisfied Clients and see some Custom Flash Clocks Created for our Clients.

List of Satisfied Clients

List of Satisfied Clients (Only a Few Clients):

Traser H3 (Military Watch)

Global Brokers Enterprises



Watermans Limited Edition Watches


Clients' Custom Flash Clocks:

See a few custom flash clocks created for our Old Clients, perhaps you will like a design already created.

Go to our Facebook page to see some of the latest custom flash clocks created for our New Clients.

Advangtages of a Custom Clock

. Full support to help you utilize your custom flash clock;

. Support to place your custom flash clock wherever you want;


. No ads, links, or hidden references on your custom flash clock;

. You will have all original source files (psd, swf, fla);

. Your custom flash clock can display any time zone (full time/date);

. Support for Daylight Saving Time (DST) on your custom flash clock;

(DST start/end dates are automatically updated without user's intervention).

. We can host your custom flash clock on our own web server (for free);

(We can create it and give you the embed code for you to use).

. We can place any image or logo on your custom flash clock;

. You can choose the colors and graphics for your custom flash clock.

Note: These features are all included in a custom flash clock order. No extra cost.

Clients' Usual Requests

Did you see a simple or complex flash clock at another website?

We can create a clock exactly the same, at a very competitive price.

Do you need a flash clock for the Intranet Site of your organization?

Do not worry, we can create clocks that can work on Intranets.

Do you need a flash clock for your company's sharepoint site?

Do not worry, we can create clocks that can work on sharepoint sites.

Do you need help to choose a flash clock for your website/blog/intranet?

We can create a clock to match your website and blog theme/colors.

Do you need a flash clock or countdown timer for a special event or season?

Please contact as soon as possible before the event/season date.

Do you need an application that displays time and weather information/graphics?

We create flash clocks that also display time and weather graphics/information.

Payment Methods

. Paypal Balance Transfer;

. Skrill (Moneybookers);

. Bank Account Number;

. Debit Card;

. Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express);

. Bank Transfer (IBAN/SWIFT).